At Moses Rutland Chartered Surveyors, we provide expert witness valuation advice and reports prior to, in anticipation of and during Court proceedings and, where appropriate, in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and protocols.


In some instances we act for one party in a dispute, as expert witness; but more commonly, Courts are now requiring the advice of a Single Joint Expert (SJE), who is appointed to provide impartial advice to the Court. The expert owes a specific duty to the Court, over and above the interests of the parties in dispute, even though they may ultimately bear the valuer’s costs.


Philip Moses has longstanding experience as an expert, including court appearances, and qualified in 2011 with the Legal Experience Training Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence, accredited by Edexcel at a level 7 (Masters level) BTEC and approved by the RICS.  


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