Moses Rutland Chartered Surveyors provide Building Survey reports on residential and commercial premises.  (See also ‘Schedules of Condition’).


Our Building Survey is a comprehensive report with a full description of the property, its construction and its condition. This is particularly useful to those who are less familiar with building construction and defects.  It is also appropriate where the property is in obvious disrepair, and you require a full report on the various defects, which will be itemised in more detail than in the other forms of report described.


The report gives detailed description of a property’s construction and defects.  It also attempts to explain likely causes of defects (to the extent that these can be identified) and recommends further specialist investigation, where necessary, to fully confirm what may be wrong.  You are then advised as to what action to take to remedy the defects.


Building Survey reports are more expensive than the other more economical surveys available.  They are normally selected for old, large or extended property, or for buildings of unusual or non-traditional construction (such as thatched, cob, and older timber-framed buildings).  However, they are suitable for any type of property and provide the fullest advice, when compared with the RICS HomeBuyer Report or Condition Report.


Whilst a Building Survey report does not normally include a Market Value, we would be happy to provide this, if requested to do so, for a small additional fee.  An insurance reinstatement figure is given, where possible.


The Building Survey is a “first stage inspection” – in other words, we do not uncover or expose concealed areas, and we only inspect accessible and visible parts of the property. For example, we normally inspect chimneys and roof areas from ground level, with the aid of binoculars; and we do not lift fitted carpets or floorboards. 


Please refer to the RICS website for more information on the different types of survey available.  You can download a copy of the RICS Guide to Surveys here.  In addition, we would be happy to provide you with further advice and guidance over the telephone, should you require it.